kevin owens

When you look at Kevin Owens’ resume, it’s crazy to think that he’s only been with WWE for a few years now. Since Owens signed with the company he’s managed to win the NXT Championship, Universal Championship, United States Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. Owens has also feuded with some of WWE’s top stars, and he’s given fans plenty of memorable moments to talk about.

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Kevin Owens signed with WWE in the summer of 2014, and he’s accomplished a lot in only 3 short years, but still he shows no signs of slowing down. Owens could be adding another accolade to his resume when he attempts to win the US Title for a fourth time at SummerSlam where he’s set to face AJ Styles, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that works out for him.

On this day 3 years ago it was announced that Owens had signed a deal with WWE, and he took to Twitter to comment on the anniversary in a way that only he can.

If you want to wrestle in WWE, you have to adapt to the WWE style, and that’s why talents who often sign with the company end up going through a transition period while they learn the ropes so to speak at the WWE Performance Center.

In the past WWE has been criticized for stripping away the individuality that makes certain stars great, and during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated Steve Corino addressed the criticism.

Steve noted that the coaches at the Performance Center each bring their own unique style to the table, and the best training techniques are always up for debate.

“People from the outside might see this as a factory and an assembly line. Once you get here, you see that there is Terry Taylor. There is Robbie Brookside. Norman Smiley. Johnny Saint. Scott Garland. There are five or six different styles. Matt Bloom wants his coaches to discuss all the best techniques. We debate about what the best training methods are for a big guy, since he is a big guy but I wrestled big guys. There is a lot of healthy debate between the coaches. Every day, it’s so exciting. I’ll have a lesson plan, and then we’ll always find new areas and ways for people to react”