The nWo was without a doubt one of the most popular groups in the history of professional wrestling. The legacy of the nWo is stronger than ever, and fans only need to look at The Bullet Club to see how influential the nWo really was.

All around the world wrestlers still pay tribute to the group by mimicking their style and catch phrases, and during a recent appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Kevin Nash opened up about the artists that influenced the group.

“When I met Scott, he was more of a country-western guy and I was born and raised in Detroit so I was always kind of a Motown guy and once West Coast rap got really hot and especially Death Row it was we began listening to Death Row a lot in the car and there was this old Mack 10 song and in this Mack 10 song they rob a McDonald’s and one dude says to the other dude in the car that he’d been wanting to do that for two years and the other guys says that he’d been wanting to do that FOR LIFE, so that is where we got that. Most of our catch phrases and those things we did we got from West Coast rap. Immediately, I remember I put my headband on backwards like 2 Pac. Here is a thirty five year old white guy with his headband on backwards but it worked.”

The nWo wasn’t the only influential group Nash was involved with, as he also talked a little bit about The Kliq and why the group is still infamous to this day.

“It’s one of those things where you get that status of at the beginning of The Kliq DVD and they talk to Shawn and Shawn says that a lot of people disliked us and a lot of people did this and that but after all these years they are still talking about us and still talking about what we did so obviously a lot of the things we did were spot on.”