AEW has been a company for over four years now, and one of the big debuts people were talking about coming out of the Double or Nothing pay-per-view in 2019 was the debut of Jon Moxley. The former WWE star shocked the world when he attacked Kenny Omega and he kicked off a heated rivalry with Omega that has spanned years now.

Both names have been there since the early days of All Elite Wrestling, but Kenny Omega recently explained to Sports Illustrated that he thinks Jon Moxley has been the MVP of the company when he said, “If I’m being honest, the MVP of AEW hasn’t been me. It’s Jon Moxley.”

The former AEW World Champion elaborated on his reasons for picking Moxley when he added, “For AEW, Jon’s been the one. He’s been at almost every show. He’s bled at almost every show. There is no one higher on the blood-giving list. Maybe that’s what makes this feud so interesting. It’s someone with the notoriety from Japan against someone who was a top player from WWE. And Jon hasn’t stopped working. I was injured, but now that I’m healed up, it’s beautiful that we can restart the song and dance between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.”

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega have faced off several times in AEW over the last four years, and they will face off once again when they collide in a steel cage match this week on Dynamite.

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