Bad Influence recently appeared on episode 11 of The Kevin Gill Show, which you can check out at KevinGillShow.Com. They talked about quite a few things and you can read what they had to say about Samoa Joe below:

Kaz: “To this day, Samoa Joe is a guy a company can be built around.”

Daniels: “A unique athlete, it’s funny because he was a book that was judged by his cover, for a very long time and it took a while to get him into TNA and we were always fighting to get him in. Everybody was like ‘we gotta change his look and blah blah blah,’ but finally when they gave him the chance, he showed them that you didn’t need to judge him by the cover because he brings a unique intensity and a unique character to TNA and I think it would be a different TNA without him. He has changed the business.”