Karl Anderson is one-half of The Club and has been very outspoken about how the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express influenced their work. The truth is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express was the catalyst of many tag team standards which fans accept as commonplace today.

Karl Anderson recently sent out a tweet which exemplifies his excitement that Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are finally having their day in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Raw Tag Team Champion was quick to snap a picture with a “Too Sweet” while wearing his awesome new t-shirt as he readies himself to WrestleMania weekend.

We can’t decide what is more awesome about this picture, the fact Anderson is sporting one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express’ sweet new WWE Hall of Fame t-shirts, or that incredible picture behind him which says, “when life gives you a little brother, you sit on him.”

Fact: Curt Hawkins is back. Fact: He isn’t being used very well. But, if you’re still a fan of Hawkins, you can face the fact he has an awesome new t-shirt available on the WWE Shop courtesy of artist Rob Schamberger.

Rob is the same artist who has done so many outstanding paintings and we even have a few hanging around the office. We have another fact for you which is Curt Hawkins has about 100 extra Topps cards of himself laying around his house. We say that because the former WWE Tag Team Champion is offering a free signed Topps card of himself to the first 100 people who will buy his new t-shirt and tweet a picture of themselves wearing it.

This is a win/win/win situation for any fan who collects autographs, WWE cards, and is a fan of Curt Hawkins. Fact.