Kane has entertained millions of fans for over twenty years now it looks like he’s one step closer to becoming Mayor of the place he’s lived in since the mid-1990’s. Running under his actual name Glenn Jacobs he led a successful campaign so far bringing home the Republican primary win in the Knox Country Tennessee Mayoral election.

Kane won a very close election winning by only 17 votes but he was still declared the winner when all was said and done. Now he needs to really gear up for his much bigger campaign for a tough election ahead.

It’s interesting how local Knoxville media has called Kane a “former professional wrestler” time and time again when discussing the election. That sounds much better than the actual truth because Kane hasn’t retired yet from WWE in an official sense. But if he wins the gig of Mayor then he very well might have to take a very long hiatus from chokeslamming people in the ring because he would have a budget to tackle in the Mayor’s Office.

Congratulations to Kane for this impressive win. In time he could be doing great things in the political realm and hopefully make Jessee Ventura proud.

Paige announced Absolution is dead on SmackDown Live this week when Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville thought they were going to get a little bit of preferential treatment. But it looks like it’s all good with Paige and they’re still friends even though she’s not going to be giving them any special favors.

Paige did call herself Beyonce though when one fan compared Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the seemingly discarded members of Destiny’s Child when Beyonce left to become the Queen Of Existence.

But let’s never forget that this is all scripted and everyone is usually all very cool with each other behind the scenes. There’s a reason why WWE hires acting coaches and it’s obviously paying off if people think these girls really hate each other.