Kane is a WWE veteran and he’s been with the company for a very long time. Over the course of his career he’s faced the best of the best, and he’s won, and lost his fair share of matches. But at the moment Kane currently holds the record for the most televised victories in WWE.

Reddit user WWEStatDown has put some numbers together, and according to the stats, Kane currently has a total of 448 televised wins in WWE with his PPV and TV records combined.

Kane’s record currently puts him just above John Cena who has managed to pick up 447 televised wins throughout his career.

It was also noted that Kane has wrestled a total of 933 televised matches throughout his WWE career, so even though his win percentage may be low when you look at the big picture, the record is still impressive nonetheless.

It’s no surprise that John Cena is right behind him. Even though Cena hasn’t been in WWE nearly as long as Kane has, Cena was on a roll for a number of years where it seemed like he rarely lost.

Kane recently returned to WWE programming and he wrestled in the main event of TLC. He went on to defeat Finn Balor the next night on Raw.

Outside of the ring Kane is currently focused on becoming mayor of Knox County, TN, but it looks like he still has some gas left in the tank as far as his wrestling career is concerned.