It’s been a rough couple of days for Kalisto. The former Cruiserweight Champion was just doing his thing on Tuesday night on 205 Live when he rolled out of the ring to sell a beating from Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick, but then something when terribly wrong.

As Kalisto was lying on the floor outside the ring, a fan threw a water bottle at him and it hit him directly in the face.

Apparently this water bottle did a lot more damage than originally thought, as Kalisto’s wife took to Instagram to send a message to the person who threw the bottle.

According to his wife, Kalisto had to get a MRI, stitches inside his mouth, and he may have suffered a possible fracture. She posted the following:

No word on if the injury will cause Kalisto to miss any time in the ring, but regardless it’s pretty unfortunate that he had to go through this all because a fan decided to cross the line.

But things didn’t end well for the fan either as it was later confirmed that he was thrown out of the arena.