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The tag team division on Monday Night Raw is currently going through some changes, and the members of Lucha House Party have been working hard to get noticed over the last few weeks.

It’s hard not to notice Lucha House Party, and Kalisto recently explained how the gimmick came together when he appeared on the Steve Austin Show.

“With the Lucha House Party, me and my friends, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik, we go to the props truck. I was like, ‘let me see what’s here. Hey, do you see this, these noise makers, these matracas? Hey, let’s just take these out to the ring.’ That’s the good thing about 205 Live. You get to try things, throw them at the wall, and see what sticks. So that’s what we did and creative started to like that. And they saw us come out with a piñata and put our opponents’ face in the donkey. It was a donkey piñata and they started liking that.”

Kalisto went on to say that Vince McMahon is on board with the trio’s crazy antics, and he even pitched an idea involving the Money in the Bank briefcase.

“So creative started to get on board with everything, especially Vince. Vince got on board with everything, ‘oh Lucha House Party, you guys do some amazing, crazy stuff, man.’ I’m like, ‘hey Vince, we just want to have fun, man. If you want action, you want some cool stuff, we’ll give you good stuff and there is stuff you haven’t seen yet.’ And Vince is like, ‘oh man, do you know that Money In The Bank briefcase?’ I was like, ‘yeah.’ ‘How about we put a big ass piñata there and we put the titles in there?’ And I was like, ‘oh, that is an awesome idea!’ But it’s everything in time and it’s all about throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.”

Whether or not this idea will ever come to fruition remains to be seen, but it seems that the best is yet to come from Lucha House Party.

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