kairi sane

Kairi Sane sailed into WWE during last year’s Mae Young Classic and it’s kind of hard to imagine NXT without the Pirate Princess at this point. Sane’s former home Stardom obviously misses her though. She was known as Kairi Hojo back then but even though her name is different now her top rope elbow is still just as incredible.

Stardom, Sane’s previous pro wrestling home in Japan tweeted at her saying: “Thank you, Princess Pirate! Five years and five months since its debut in January 2012… Boseong Kairi, who travels to the ocean of the world, has been able to call countless emotions in the ring of stardom. The last match was on June 4, 2017. Thank you for Kairi to see the brave figure aiming for a new voyage!”

This amazing message was included with a short video of Sane’s career with the company. It didn’t take long for Kairi Sane to reply and she also sent out a separate tweet in Japanese for her fans in Japan who might not have been able to read an English reply.

“Short Hair Age of having debuted, and innocent to hoping something,” Sane said while watching an amazing video package highlighting her time with Stardom. It might be a rather emotional moment to consider how far she’s come and where her career found her. Things just seemed to work out for Kairi Sane so far and it may be only a matter of time before we’re watching her land that insane top rope elbow drop on a much bigger stage.

But at this point, it’s been one year since Kairi Sane signed with NXT and it was a moment she’ll never forget. As her pro wrestling career continues in WWE she will likely see even more high spots in and out of the ring. But she will never forget about where it all started, no matter how short her hair was.