jon moxley

Jon Moxley has been having a very successful run since joining All Elite Wrestling, and he’s found himself in the top spot as the current AEW World Champion.

A few weeks ago Moxley successfully defended his AEW World Championship against Jake Hager, and there was an interesting segment that took place on Dynamite leading up to the match that got people talking.

Jon Moxley and Jake Hager were brawling on Dynamite, but when Mox hit Hager with his Paradigm Shift DDT Jake no sold the move and got up immediately.

Mox recently spoke to Fightful and noted that Hager no selling the move was intentional.

“Yeah, by design,” Mox said while confirming that it was his idea.

He went on to note that the plan was to raise the stakes in the AEW World Title match by having Hager get hit with the DDT on a chair.

“We kinda figured this might be the last opportunity we get to film. We didn’t know. Everything was up in the air. So, I was like, well let’s get as much stuff in the can in a few hours as we can. So, let’s just cobble together a little angle. You can choke me out, I’ll DDT you. Just no sell it so that the DDT’s ineffective on you and then we’ll do the title match. Let’s just do it tonight, so that way we have it in the can. We at least have a World title match that’s in the can that we can show people. Then, obviously, make it no holds barred. I wanted him to call it No Holds Barred because I knew we were gonna do a little bit more of that shooty style. He’s obviously an MMA fighter and that’s kind of the old school way to build. It was NHB before it was MMA. That’s kind of why we did that. But, if a regular DDT doesn’t work, DDT a motherf***er on a chair. As a general rule of thumb a DDT on a chair is always better than a DDT not on a chair. A german suplex onto a bundle of light tubes is always more effective than a german suplex not on a bundle of light tubes. So, it was really cool.”

Mox recently defended his title against Brodie Lee at Double or Nothing, and his next title defense will be against Brian Cage at Fyter Fest.