John Cena made his return to WWE programming a few weeks ago and it didn’t take long for him to cross paths with The Bloodline. Jimmy Uso stepped up to John Cena during an appearance on the Grayson Waller Effect which led to AJ Styles making the save.

It seemed that John Cena & AJ Styles were heading toward a match with Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso at Fastlane, but AJ Styles was written off TV after being attacked by The Bloodline which left Cena without a partner.

During the opening segment of SmackDown, Paul Heyman revealed that Cena was having travel issues so he wasn’t at the arena yet. Cena later arrived in a Ford Mustang and made his way to the ring with the contract for Fastlane in his hands. He told the fans that he has a signed contract, but he doesn’t have a partner. However, he said he’s going to honor the contract and he will fight The Bloodline by himself if he can’t find a partner.

Jimmy Uso then interrupted John Cena as he made his way down to the ring with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. He got on the apron and told Cena that he’s not making it to Fastlane so Cena charged at Jimmy Uso to knock him off. Solo Sikoa & Jimmy then teamed up to beat Cena down. They cleared the announce table and placed John Cena on it.

Solo went to the top then LA Knight’s music hit. The crowd went wild for LA Knight as he took out Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. Cena back up and cleared the ring with LA Knight. They had a brief staredown then LA Knight signed the contract and handed it to Cena as the show went off the air.