If you’re a wrestling historian then you don’t have to remember back very far to seven years ago at SummerSlam when The Nexus lost to Team WWE in a very surprising turn of events.

Wade Barrett recently spoke to Inside The Ropes and he went into what transpired that day. As it turns out the rookies in Nexus thought they were going over in the main event. However once those plans changed there was some explaining to do.

As it turned out, Vince McMahon had a very interesting reason why they went with that finish.

“So trying to get your hands on Vince during a pay-per-view day or a TV day is tough so it took about an hour or so to track him down and wait outside his office and get to speak to him. And we go in there and have a chat with him we say, ‘hey Vince here’s the situation we’ve just been told that John’s going over in this match. We think it’s a bad idea — we need to go over.’ And Vince looked me in the eye and told me ‘the reason we’re doing this is because SummerSlam needs to have a happy ending.'”

“There’s not a lot we can do in this case. ‘Vince we need to go over’ — ‘nope, here’s what I need you to do the kids need to be happy.'”

“So I knew at that point I was being lied to. I knew it was nonsense — it was a nonsense reply, I didn’t believe it at all. I don’t believe it to this day. I think it was a terrible idea.”

Whether you believe Vince McMahon or not it’s still fun to wonder how things would have been different if Vince McMahon would have had John Cena put The Nexus over in SummerSlam 2010.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Inside The Ropes with a H/T to WrestlingNews.Co for the transcription

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