john cena

John Cena is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of professional wrestling. He has his supporters, and his detractors, but it seems that his detractors hate him with a passion.

It’s no big secret that Cena’s haters have been less than kind to him over the years, but the hate has made Cena who he is, and he’s tried his best to rise above it. However, during a recent interview with Bleacher Report he was asked if he ever gets his feelings hurt by the way fans react, and he responded by saying “every day.”

“Every day. And I can only imagine being a young person who’s bullied. I remember back to my days as a teenager. When you get your feelings hurt, you feel that moment of embarrassment. You think: “No one wants to talk to me ever again. It’s all over.” I reassure people that’s totally not the case. These [bullies] are just hateful people doing hateful things. Sometimes, it’s a lesson in tough love, but you keep positive, smile in the face of hateful adversity and move on. It makes you a stronger person.”

Cena was also asked how he feels about people singing “John Cena sucks” to his theme song, and if he takes it as a compliment like when people chant “you suck” for Kurt Angle. John Cena said that he takes any response as a compliment, but he’s not too fond of reading negative comments on the internet.

“I’ve always taken any sort of audible response as a compliment, and I always understand it is our consumers’ right and privilege to say whatever they want at our events. So as long as there’s no silence, I’ll keep being excited. But that stuff in the arenas is one thing. The comments on the internet—the obnoxious, visceral comments—are baffling to me. I just don’t know why that’s the way it is.”

So there you have it Cena haters, inside the arena the 16 time WWE World Champion says everything is fair game, but he’d appreciate it if you cut him a break once he walks behind the curtain and goes back to his personal life.


  1. John Cena…and I am a 51 year old, life long wrestling fan, and not some little kid…is my favorite wrestler and he has been for about 13 years. Is he perfect? Nope. But I like what he stands for and I like his in ring persona. He has been a main stay in WWE and, from what I have seen, never phones it it(Even at a little house show in my hometown). So, all that saud…”Let’s go Cena…”