Global Force Wrestling has been in the news recently because Jim Cornette is now attached to the company. Cornette’s presence in GFW resulted in a lot of buzz and apparently, the hits just keep coming.

Cornette recently revealed on The Jim Cornette Experience that he would totally be willing to come back to GFW although he did say sticking around for six days of television tapings was rather taxing. After all, he’s not used to being away from Castle Cornette, his wife Stacey, or his perfect little puppy Harley Quinn for very long.

During his podcast, Cornette reiterated the fact that he hasn’t signed a long-term deal with GFW. He also doesn’t like an authority figure who is always around so don’t be surprised if Jim is absent some from the programming although he did say he enjoyed his time there. He also really enjoyed the fact Dixie Carter wasn’t around.

But a fascinating part came when he spoke about GFW’s current war with The Hardys over their brilliant Broken Hardys gimmick.

“That matter went to the attorneys and the legal folks before I was discussed with or thought about. So I can’t really do anything about that. But I can say this to everybody. After my discussion with the Anthem officials, they probably will not be suing any of the boys for their gimmicks anymore going forward. It’s a learning curve when we get in this business and [they] don’t have a lot of experience in it but they’re nice folks. I have say that, they were very kind to me.”

Apparently, Cornette was able to say enough to the Anthem guys to convince them it won’t do the company any favors taking things to court. But unfortunately, it’s too late to stop the current Hardy Boyz situation because it’s already in the tight grasp of the legal process at this point and there’s no stopping that snowball once it started rolling.

If you use the quotes in this article please credit The Jim Cornette Experience with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription