jim cornette

There are a lot of people we miss having on television every week and Jim Cornette is certainly on that list of people. Whether you’re a fan of Corney’s or not it’s hard to argue he’s not entertaining.

It’s been a long time since Cornette was involved in a television storyline that kept him in the public eye. If you’re a fan of his podcasts then you’re well aware of how busy he is and how he said he is giving up managing while his body can still get in and out of a ring as well.

But just as Cornette says he is going to rest easy for a while it seems people keep pulling him back in.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported there are currently talks of bringing Jim Cornette to television. While some people would assume we’re talking about WWE due to the fact Cornette tore the house down with his induction speech for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express at the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony this year, we are not.

In fact, Global Force Wrestling is the company in question which makes this story even more interesting. If Cornette were to sign something with GFW, who knows what that could mean as a partnership between the two.

Cornette was associated with TNA in the past and if you’ve heard his opinion on that matter you’d know it left a sour taste in his mouth in many respects. But apparently, Cornette had more of a problem with Dixie Carter than anyone else judging by the tone of his podcast rants on the subject. With Carter out of the picture, who knows if the two sides could strike up a deal?

It would be nice to see Jim Cornette back in WWE in some form or fashion. But Dave Meltzer noted there have been talks in the GFW camp to bring back the legendary pro wrestling manager/announcer as a television character.

GFW had previously brought in Bruce Prichard due to the popularity of his podcast audience and they might be trying to rope in the Cult Of Cornette as well. Only time will tell how this one turns out, but it’s certainly worth paying attention to as GFW is set to tape another twelve weeks of television shows very soon.