john cena

John Cena’s history with The Rock has been well documented as they clashed at WrestleMania on two separate occasions, and nowadays Cena is following in The Rock’s footsteps as he cements his place in Hollywood.

During a recent Q&A session at Comic-Con Wales the former WWE Champion was asked if he ever received advice from The Rock, and he credited The Great One for helping him figure out how to be himself.

“He [Dwayne] is one of the reasons I have a life outside the WWE. He gave me some of the best advice. I remember I got an audition for a small part in a movie called Trainwreck. There was a pretty thorough audition process, and I was very nervous. Because I’ve never been through that before.”

“I was able to ask him, ‘Hey man, do you have any advice?’ He said, ‘They asked you there for a reason dude, just be yourself.’ He, in that one sentence, allowed me to calm down. Allowed me to be myself, which I’m really a goofball. And they allowed me to do that on screen. Naked. He’s the reason I’m here.”

Cena returned to WWE programming back in June to celebrate his 20th anniversary with WWE and he declared that he will wrestle again at some point, he just doesn’t know when. Stay tuned for more updates on John Cena’s status as they become available.