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Tuesday nights haven’t been the same since WrestleMania. Some people have contributed the noticeable hole in SmackDown Live’s roster to John Cena’s absence. The sixteen-time WWE Champion has been out of action because he has work to do for other projects.

He’s been very busy with his Fox reality show American Grit. He also has a number of acting jobs in the pipeline. It seems that just when WWE fans get used to seeing Super Cena at this point, he’s taking off to do something else.

We aren’t faulting Cena for being in such high demand. He’s worked his entire career to get where he is and he’s reaping the benefits. John Cena is also looking at the possible end of his in-ring career anyway so it’s always good to have something to fall back on. If starring in blockbuster movies and hosting network television and awards shows is Cena’s Plan B, then we’ve heard worse ideas.

However, Cena recently tweeted out something that might be interrupted as he’ll be back on WWE television sooner than later. He recently sent out a message saying he’s got a “project in Atlanta.” SmackDown Live is taping in at Philips Arena in Atlanta this upcoming Tuesday. So that got us thinking he might be popping in. We’re not sure how funny a return to SmackDown might be either. But we’re still hopeful.

Of course, John might be in Atlanta for another reason. But then we have to wonder why he mentioned WWE’s Twitter account in his post. This is certainly an open ended story, but we’ll know for sure on Tuesday if WWE is getting him back like they wanted.

However, we might not want to hold our breath because reports are Cena will be out of action until July because of his Hollywood commitments. He’s also been removed from SmackDown’s opening theme, but who knows when we’ll be seeing Cena next.

The old saying is you never know what will happen in WWE. So take that for what it’s worth.

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