john cena

John Cena has been one of WWE’s top stars for many years, but now John Cena is also a star elsewhere. Cena has been finding a lot of success with his projects outside of WWE, and he’s also proved that he makes a great host as well. Last year the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion hosted the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and earlier today he announced that he will be returning to host the show this year as well.

The Kids’ Choice Awards will air on Nickelodeon on March 24.

Matt Hardy recently posted a photo of himself with Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm, and it appears that there is no longer bad blood between the two sides.

Hardy and Impact were locked in a battle over the rights to the Broken Universe in 2017, but the situation seems to have been resolved.

PWInsider reports that the picture Matt Hardy shared was actually taken a week ago. It’s possible that Hardy and Nordholm met in Toronto while Matt was there for a WWE live event.