john cena

Times sure have changed for John Cena. For many years fans could count on several appearances from Cena on WWE programming week in and week out, but he’s only made a few appearances for WWE this year.

Cena’s film career really seems to be taking off, but soon he will be returning home to the WWE. The 16 time WWE World Champion spoke to the Toronto Sun about his return, and he apologized for being away so long.

“I do apologize for being away for so long, but I have these wonderful opportunities to try and be a part of another storytelling universe that I truly enjoy. The WWE is the place that for the past 15 years I’ve had the absolute most fun. I very much look forward to getting back there.”

However, even though fans who attend live events will be able to see Cena in action, he confirmed that none of his upcoming appearances will be televised.

“I was given the choice of taking one month to catch my breath and live what I would call a normal life. It took me about two seconds to turn that down. On December 26th, I return to Madison Square Garden and do a nice live event run with the WWE right up through the middle of January. None of these shows are televised. I’m literally just doing it because I want to get back to a place I feel most comfortable and to working with people I can call my family. And I want to have some fun.”

At this point it’s not clear when John Cena will be returning to TV, but with the Road to WrestleMania quickly approaching it will be interesting to see if he’s in the mix by the time the Show of Shows comes around.