john cena

After John Cena and Nikki Bella officially announced that their engagement had been called off, Cena went on The Today Show and professed his love for Nikki Bella as he said that he wanted to be the father of her children.

Since then they’ve been spotted together, and various media outlets have claimed that the couple reconciled and that they are back together, but Brie Bella is denying those claims.

Brie spoke to E! during WWE’s For Your Consideration event earlier this week, and she said that they’re still figuring everything out.

“They’re working on it. I think everyone’s expected her with this breakup to make a quick decision, but they need time, and they really need time to think about their futures and what they want. It’s been really hard on them both. Obviously John has really let everyone know what he wants, but Nikki still has to think about it. So, I feel like there will be a happy ending but I hope the happy ending is just them both happy. Whatever path that leads them.

Brie added that they’re, “still not back” and Nikki is, “still my roommate.”