seth rollins

Jim Ross is back with another edition of his wildly successful and intuitive blog. He wrote at some length about many aspects of WWE’s latest episode of Raw including how he would have promoted it as well as what he thinks is on the horizon for WrestleMania.

JR said he would have advertised the fact that Brock Lesnar was going to be on the show because Lesnar didn’t need to be a surprise. He also went into Shawn Michaels’ appearance on the show as well and explored the fact that it still seemingly didn’t help Roman for whatever reason. But, the coup de grâce came when he addressed the closing segment of Raw including Seth Rollins’ appearance.

“The close of the show was memorable and well done by all involved. The villains, HHH and Stephanie, were spot on and Foley showed everyone how a babyface sells with their facial expressions especially the eyes and body English. Brilliantly done piece of business.”

“It felt like the fans accepted Seth Rollins as the protagonist that he is being positioned to be in WWE as Rollins’ courage and SELLING appealed to the fans in Detroit. No, the suicidal, career threatening dives didn’t do it but, instead, it was crowd psychology and the fundamental application of the genre’s most viable dramatic weapon, selling and convincing one’s audience come along for the journey.

“For those wondering, I fully expect Rollins vs HHH at WM Orlando where Rollins needs a career defining victory vs a future HOFER on the biggest stage of them all. Logically, why would WWE put Rollins on the show closing segment on RAW if they did not have plans on him wrestling at ‘Mania?”

Good Ol’ JR obviously doesn’t believe the rumors that there are alternative plans for Triple H’s match at Mania in case Rollins can’t make it back to wrestle a full match in time. Seth still isn’t medically cleared, and there are still a couple of other options at this point.

Having that crutch breaking spot over Seth’s knee might have been the story device that they needed to position Seth on the sidelines for that match and move someone else in to the spot in order to fight for The Architect. But, JR’s incredible mind for the business is certainly one to consider.