Jim Ross is a legend in pro wrestling. His voice seems to automatically step any match up a couple of notches in quality and fans are lucky to have him back in WWE. JR is set to announce for the upcoming Mae Young Classic and is the new voice of WWE’s programs in the United Kingdom.

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JR recently wrote in his blog about some of these new WWE gigs and how much they mean to him. He also spent some time putting over his broadcast partner Nigel McGuinness

“Nigel McGuinness is a tremendous broadcast partner and for our first week together I felt that we did a solid job and that we will only get better with more ‘reps,’  Nigel has terrific instincts and product knowledge plus he ‘wants’ to be really good which always is imperative for one to have in this unique, broadcast entity. I hope that Nigel and I have many more opportunities together as we are both competitive types and are both still major fans of the genre.”

Jim Ross went on to discuss the fact that although he has been working for decades in the pro wrestling business he doesn’t mind coming in to do his thing once in a while.

“At this stage of my career, I am much more interested in the quality of my work rather then the frequency of travel of it which translates to; I am not interested in going back on the road every week as I did for so many years. Working on events such as the U.K. special, the occasional NXT booking, etc are right down my alley and are projects that I get to work with new partners and new talents which is always fun. As I mentioned on a recent Ross Report, I love ‘coming out of the bullpen’ and trying to throw a few strikes whenever WWE deems I’m needed.”