WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

Do you think WWE will be healthy 15 years from now if they continue to operate the way they have been for the past eight months, at least? “Yes. They need to better develop main event stars but that process is daunting.”

Is Brock Lesnar passionate about WWE or does he do it for the money like many feel he does? I’d ask Heyman but I don’t know whether he’d give the answer out of character or not and since Brock is a private guy nobody really knows how he feels about it. “Brock works hard when at a wwe events but I’m guessing he’d rather be w/ his family & on the farm/woods than being in the ring. He’s a gifted beast of an athlete.”

What are your thoughts on unifying the two World Titles in the WWE (again)? I am excited but I would think this would be something for WrestleMania. “unifying probably makes sense….at WrestleMania.”

Other examples escape me at the moment, so take for instance The Miz’s recent heel turn, which as I understand they somewhat backed off of at Survivor Series, but I didn’t watch so I’m not really sure. I read a rumor on an internet dirt sheet this morning, mind you – merely an Internet rumor, that the writing team forgot Miz had a Christmas movie coming out and that’s why all this happened. My question to you is, what is up with the culture of poor communication in this company? “I’m not in the loop but all wrestling creative feels challenged to me. Nothing is red hot at this time unfortunately.”