Jim Ross added a new entry to his blog at jrsbarbq.com you can read some highlights below.

The ending to Monday’s episode of Raw: “Perplexing and unique night in many ways for Monday Night’s edition of RAW. The final two segments of the show had me scratching my head especially that surprising, last commercial break. The obvious, over riding theme of the broadcast was the issue between the South Carolina native Big Show and WWE COO HHH. That’s the match that fans seemingly want to see based on the feedback that I have received and my own take as a fan… I still don’t know why no one came out to attempt to help Show who was being assaulted by a corporate gang of assailants. Locker room scared? Had they hit the road?”

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan facing The Wyatt Family in the future after fending off the faction on Raw:Anxious to watch CM Punk and Daniel Bryan team to face the Wyatt’s down the road. This will help the Wyatt’s develop more villain nuances and give them the proverbial ‘rub’ that they need. Right now the Wyatt’s are only villains because they are battling two, established fan favorites and not because of the style of work of the bizarre trio. I have great expectations for the Wyatt’s in the future but I see them as character, fan favorites at this time. Plus, if Punk and Bryan team…they could some day break up and have a series of classic matches that no one in WWE could follow. That’s my fantasy booking for the day. Follow that, guys.

WWE’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation: Great work by John Cena speaking on WWE’s behalf regarding the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Cena is the face of the WWE brand and rightfully so. No one in WWE, past or present, could have done better with last night’s presentation than Cena.

Tyson Kidd’s return to Raw in a mixed tag match:“Exciting to see Tyson Kidd back in WWE healthy and married. Kidd is a terrific hand who has been greatly under utilized, in my opinion, in the past but let’s hope that he can get a fresh start including some vignettes IE personality developing profiles in the near future. Just for a wrestler to show back up isn’t enough now days.”

Big E. Langston’s efforts in his match on Raw against WWE Champion Randy Orton: “Langston maximized his minutes well Monday Night. Losing to the WWE Champion in a competitive battle can only help the former Iowa Defensive Tackle.”