Jim Ross has a long and memorable career with WWE, and to many wrestling fans he is the “voice of wrestling.” Throughout his WWE career Jim Ross had the opportunity to call many big matches, and his voice is attached to some of the biggest moments in WWE history.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke to The Sun to promote World of Sport on ITV, and he was asked about the most significant matches he’s ever called. Jim Ross acknowledged many of the great matches he’s had the privilege of lending his voice to over the years, but he named the Austin/Rock rivalry as the most significant work of his WWE carer.

“I’ve been so blessed to call great matches in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but the matches that were the most significant were the three main events that Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had at WrestleMania – 15, 17 and 19. Although those three matches were excellent, what they meant to the business and what they meant to the talents were really special.”

During his heyday with WWE Jim Ross wasn’t just calling the matches at the commentary table, he also worked in talent relations for a while, and he signed some of WWE’s top names. The Rock was a huge star during the Attitude Era, and he managed to become an even bigger star once he made the jump to Hollywood. Ross also revealed whether or not he thought The Rock had what he needed to become a huge star when he signed him.

“When I signed him I had no idea he was going to be the biggest movie star in the world, but I did think he had the chance to be a very special pro wrestler, and he was that and more.”