We never like hearing one of our favorite people in WWE is having health problems but it looks like that’s the case for Jim Ross right now.

Jim Ross means a lot to anyone in the WWE Universe. The WWE Hall Of Famer’s voice was responsible for calling many outstanding and unforgettable moments from our childhood so it hurts us all to know when something isn’t going well for him and this certainly looks a bit painful too.

Jim Ross recently updated fans letting them know that he has been diagnosed with a fractured vertebra from an injury he suffered in September last year. He also sent out a painful looking picture of his bruised back as well.

Hopefully, Jim Ross can take it easy but there’s probably little chance of slowing JR down at this point as he finished up his update by saying, “worry not about the mules, just load the damn wagon!”


Ethan Carter III certainly picked a great match to debut with in NXT. The ladder match for the NXT North American Championship might have not only been the start of the greatest TakeOver of all time but it might have also been the best ladder match of all time as well.

EC3, Ricochet, Lars Sullivan, Killian Dane, Adam Cole, and The Velveteen Dream laid it all on the line and it was literally a human demolition derby. In the end, Adam Cole would be victorious but every man got an amazing chance to shine in the match.

Dave Meltzer actually gave two matches from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans the treasured 5-star rating in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa received 5 stars as it should have but the opening match received the same rating as the main event.

EC3 recently put out a little image on his Instagram story to illustrate how he felt. I’m not sure if Carter is really considering getting this tattoo, but it might not be a bad idea if he keeps finding himself in 5-star matches.