WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about Ken Anderson’s TNA release, WrestleMania 32 and more. You can check out the full entry here and read some highlights below.

Ticket sales for WrestleMania 32:

Saw where Wrestlemania has 84,000 tickets sold. That’s an impressive number. Still think that they do north of 100,000 in the stadium as I’ve said for months. WWE has extended an appreciated invite to attend many WWE events along with my wife.

His upcoming commentary gig with UR Fight:

Excited to be doing the play by play for the Sunday March 20 PPV in Phoenix at the Celebrity Theater. Check it out at www.URshow.tv Angle vs Rey, Sonnen vs Bisping Grappling Match, Roy Jones, Jr boxing, and Dan Severn vs Tank Abbott in a MMA fight plus more . Never have I been involved in such an unorthodox, unpredictable event! It’s got to be seen to be believed.

Ken Anderson’s TNA release:

Sad to hear the less than positive news re: Ken “Mr Kennedy” Anderson and the alleged terms of his release. Ken has talent & I hope that he gets his life back on track .