For years The Bloodline storyline has been the top storyline in WWE and it continues to be just that. When the members of The Bloodline were on the same page they dominated the WWE, but in recent months The Bloodline has been falling apart.

Last month at Night of Champions, Jimmy Uso turned on Roman Reigns when he superkicked The Tribal Chief, and Jey Uso recently decided to side with his brother and leave The Bloodline. The decision that The Usos made put them at odds with Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa, and The Usos faced off against Reigns & Sikoa in what WWE billed as a Bloodline Civil War at Money in the Bank.

As soon as the match kicked off the fans made it clear that they were behind The Usos as they chanted “f*** you Roman!” Jimmy and Solo started things off but eventually Jey tagged in. Solo got ready to fight Jey, but Roman shouted “no” and Solo stopped dead in his tracks. Roman put his hand out for the tag and Solo looked reluctant as he tagged The Tribal Chief in.

The crowd continuously attacked Roman Reigns with loud chants. At one point they chanted “stand up if you hate Roman!” The Tribal Chief clearly looked aggravated by the chants and he took a second to speak with Paul Heyman as he told him the fans in London are “stupid.”

Roman & Solo dominated most of the match, but at one point Jey Uso was on a hot streak and took out both Roman & Solo with dives to the outside. He went for another dive on Roman Reigns, but The Tribal Chief hit Jey with a Superman Punch. Roman then got in the ring and went for a spear on Jey, but Jimmy tagged in and The Usos hit a double spear on Roman Reigns.

Roman made a comeback and went for the spear on Jimmy Uso which didn’t work out because Jimmy countered with two superkicks. Jimmy went to the top rope for a splash, but Roman reversed it into the guillotine. Jimmy powered out and picked Roman up while in the hold. Roman looked shocked and Jey tagged in as Roman applied the hold to Jimmy again.

The referee got knocked out of the ring and The Usos hit the 1-D on Roman Reigns then Jey pinned Roman, but there was no referee to count the pin. The Usos went for a double splash from the top rope, but Solo interfered and Roman & Solo hit each Uso with a Uranage. Roman & Solo then hit the Samoan Spike and the spear on The Usos. Solo stacked up The Usos for Roman, and The Tribal Chief pinned them both, but they kicked out.

Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns looked shocked. They continued to beat down The Usos as the crowd booed. Solo cleared off the announce table then superkicked Jimmy Uso who fell onto it. Sikoa followed up by hopping on the barricade. He stared at Roman Reigns as he went for a splash on the announce table only to crash and burn as Jimmy got out of the way.

Jey Uso then hit Roman with a superkick, but Roman hit him with the Superman Punch. Jey hit another superkick then Roman hit the spear. He pinned Jey for a two count. As Jey lifted his arm to kick out he hit Roman with a low blow.

The Usos then hit Roman with two double superkicks followed by a top rope splash from Jey Uso who pinned Roman Reigns to win the match. After the match Jimmy Uso looked like he wanted to check on Roman, but Jey encouraged him not to. The Usos celebrated in the ring to end the show.