jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy has been wrestling for a long time, and he’s made jaws drop all over the world with his devil may care in-ring style.

Hardy has taken some huge risks throughout the course of his career, and he recently told The Whig that the most painful bump he ever took happened during a match against Rob Van Dam.

“By far, it was me and RVD, I forget what year it was, but I had this idea I wanted to go through a table vertically, like long ways and I think it was a 14-foot ladder,” Hardy said, painting a vivid picture that would make Evel Knievel himself shudder. “I did a swan dive off [the ladder] and he moved and I crashed and burned and the table exploded, and I knew, ‘OK, this is the one. I’m not gonna get up from this.’ I thought I had broken my lower spine. It hurt so bad and it knocked the wind out of me.”

Jeff has accomplished a lot in the world of professional wrestling, but he’s not done.

The former WWE Champion still has some big goals, and he noted that he wants to wrestle in a Hell in a Cell match, and an Ultimate Deletion style match in WWE.

“I definitely want to be in a Hell in the Cell match. That’s one match I’ve never been a part of,” he said. “And definitely I want to be in a ‘Deletion’-style match, like Matt and Bray did the Ultimate Deletion on our property. Hopefully we’ll get to do another one, one of these days. I can bring Brother Nero back to life.”

Jeff Hardy will be in action tonight at SummerSlam when he challenges Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship.