jeff hardy

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with a big announcement as Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. Kurt wasted no time getting into the Superstar Shake-Up, but he was rudely interrupted by Jinder Mahal, as the US Champion made his way to the ring, and told Kurt he made a wise move picking up the Modern Day Maharaja.

Kurt welcomed Jinder to Monday Night Raw, as Jinder hyped himself up and asked Kurt why he didn’t bring him to Raw in a limo. The US Champion said that Kurt should know he only travels with a motorcade, so Kurt got angry and told Jinder that he had to put his title on the line right away.

Jeff Hardy’s music then hit, and the Charismatic Enigma made his way to the ring, as the fans went crazy.

The end of the match came when Jeff hit the Twist of Fate then followed up with the Swanton Bomb to pin Jinder Mahal and win the United States Championship for the first time in his career.

According to the modern format, a wrestler needs to have held one world title (WWE or Universal Championship), one tag title (Raw or SmackDown Tag Team Championship), and both secondary titles (IC and US Championship) in order to become a Grand Slam Champion.

Jeff Hardy now joins Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Big Show, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins who are all Grand Slam Champions under the modern format.

It should be noted that Hardy was also established as a Grand Slam Champion under the original format as well.