jason jordan

Monday Night Raw was a pretty eventful broadcast this week and one part that really stuck out for a lot of people was the fact Roman Reigns worked two matches. He defeated Bray Wyatt in the opening contest of the night to secure his spot in the Elimination Chamber match and went on to tag with Seth Rollins in a short match against The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

The Big Dog’s second match of the night was ended prematurely due to interference from Jason Jordan and Dave Meltzer praised the booking on Raw between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Jason Jordan, and The Bar while speaking about the segment on Wrestling Observer Radio.

But with an apparent storyline brewing between Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan, the question remains of how WWE is going to book this feud with any kind of satisfying payoff seeing how Jordan is reportedly injured. After all, he’s not mixing it up on television and they even wrote into the storyline this week how Jason Jordan injured his neck while doing some neck bridges to warm up for the match against Sheamus and Cesaso.

“The big question there obviously is how do you pay it off?” Meltzer questioned. “I mean you got a good program there like Jason Jordan, we’re waiting for him to do the heel turn and they’re not rushing it which is good but it’s very clear that Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan is gonna be a direction now. But what do you do? Are they hoping that Jason heals enough to where I don’t know, I guess in time your injuries heal. But his injuries is one most guys are gonna be getting surgery for and to keep going…you know when I heard about losing grip strength you know, that’s not something you just go, ‘well…'”

Meltzer then went on to discuss what could be causing Jason Jordan to prolong his possible surgery in order to remain on television and continue working an angle. In the end, it might not be the wisest decision to hold off on getting his kind of neck issue fixed.

“I mean I know the mentality right now is he’s in a good position, the best position of his career and I’ve seen guys in this situation before go ‘let me just get through this’ or ‘this is not the time to have surgery, I’m gonna work my way through it’ but in the long run when your body is in that type of position you just need to take care of it. And not getting the surgery is probably not the best thing for him.”

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