big show

It’s official, and Xavier Woods pointed it out so eloquently, Big Show has officially become a God of War. Even though he might have started off his career with WWE in terrible shape back in 1999, Big Show as sculpted himself into a literal embodiment of Kratos.

Woods claims that Show has such a well-versed knowledge of the game God of War he “knows everything about it.” Whether or not he actually does remains to be truly seen, but what can’t be denied is the striking resemblance Big Show currently has with one of the game franchise’s biggest characters.

The Kratos character is loosely based on Greek mythology as the “Ghost of Sparta”, but one thing is for sure that Big Show could play the part of Kratos in a movie adaptation of the Playstation flagship title. That very film is said to be in development, so who knows if Show might snag that part. The former WWE Champion obviously loved the comparison as well seeing that he retweeted Xavier Woods’ social media post.

If Shaquille O’Neal winds up taking on the former WWE World Champion at WrestleMania in Orlando, he obviously has his work cut out for him. The monstrous giant has never looked this intimidating and chiseled leaving some to wonder if his in-ring career is winding down, or just starting.

Good look, Big Show, we’ve never been more impressed with your appearance and that’s saying alot.