Shane McMahon made his long awaited WWE return back in February and has since been at the forefront of many WWE changes over the past few months.

It was an odd decision by Vince McMahon to bring back his son after it was reported that Shane originally left the company seven years ago because he was told that it would be Triple H and Stephanie that would be the ones left in control of the company after Vince.

It seems that Shane didn’t take this too well but it didn’t come as much of a shock to him after his attempt to control the company didn’t go too well.

Reports suggest that Vince contacted Shane when he realized that he was in a catch 22 situation and John Cena would not be cleared to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania so he had to pull off a shock big enough to be able to fill the AT&T Stadium in Texas.

Shane obviously returned and even though he lost his match at WrestleMania 32, he had one of the moments of the night when he jumped from the top of Hell in a Cell and went through the announce table below. It is thought that the courage that led him to do this showed Vince that his son was worthy of a chance to control the company and he has since given him control of Monday night Raw since.

Many thought that a brand split would be announced at Payback when Vince McMahon instead decided that both of his children could run the company and find a way to do it coherently.

Many reports coming out of Payback have suggested that the problems with the McMahon family are not only on-screen issues. Bret Hart himself stated that he could feel the tension between Shane, Stephanie and Triple H and he never saw the trio together in one room which was slightly odd considering they are supposed to be running the company together.

Could this mean that their problems as a family are far from over? Shane left his job at You on Demand but has since been sued by the company which means it is highly unlikely that he will be making a return, meanwhile Triple H has been kept off TV since he lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, so is he going to make a return to the company any time soon?

A lot of the speculation could in fact make sense especially considering that Shane is the oldest child of Vince McMahon so his father should want to pass his company down to him afterwards, Shane has been off doing his own thing and succeeding as a businessman for the past few years which his father would have obviously been over looking, maybe this has led to Vince changing his mind about Hunter and Stephanie?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Triple H has an absolutely incredible wrestling mind, he was given NXT and he has managed to turn it into a phenomenon in such a short space of time, WWE are actually managing to compete with themselves and at some point NXT will be on the same level as the main roster.

That being said, it is unknown if Triple H can transfer what he has created down in NXT onto the main roster and it is more than likely that Vince would want Shane to be the one to continue this and instead allow Triple H to continue tackling something smaller.

It is obvious that Vince calling Shane and asking him to return to the company was an act of complete desperation when he knew that if his son didn’t return then WrestleMania would lack the star quality that he felt the biggest event of the year deserved, but why has he kept Shane on WWE TV? Shane challenged The Undertaker for a match with both the company and Undertaker’s WrestleMania career on the line, Shane lost which means that he shouldn’t have had any kind of control of the company, but Vince has let him control it ever since.

Could Bret Hart be right? Could all of the tension be heading towards a big reveal after Vince decides who he is passing the company onto? After all, The Chairman isn’t getting any younger so perhaps we will find out an ending to this speculation sooner rather than later.


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