seth rollins

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt have had a short feud over the past few months that saw them finally collide one-on-one at Great Balls Of Fire.

Bray picked up the shock win over the WWE 2K18 cover star on Sunday before then managing to defeat the former World Champion in a rematch as well. There are reports that suggest that the finish to the match at Great Balls of Fire was changed at the last minute as well, even though it is unknown if the winner of the match was actually changed or just the finish.

Seth Rollins made the save for Dean Ambrose last night on Raw, even though it seems that Ambrose didn’t want the help of his former team mate and told him that he didn’t trust him. Rollins went on to lose his rematch to Bray Wyatt later in the night and it now seems as though the feud between The God and The Kingslayer is over and Rollins could now go on to open up a rivalry with The Miz instead.

This means that Rollins has literally just been used to give Bray some credibility over the past few weeks so that he can make an impact on Raw. Even though Rollins has a feud moving forward, it is unknown where Bray is going to go from here, even though he now could step into a feud with anyone, since he’s notched up two huge wins in just 24 hours.