impact wrestling

Wednesday night Impact Wrestling kicked off this week’s round of television tapings, but there are still several days to go before the tapings wrap up. Unfortunately things aren’t off to a great start for one of the company’s top stars, as Moose was injured during the first night of the tapings.

Moose competed against EC3, Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact in a four way match and he suffered some sort of injury. PWInsider is reporting that not much is known about the injury at the moment, but the belief is that he did not tear anything.

There’s no word on how long he might be out of action.

A fan in attendance noted that Moose had to be helped to the backstage area after suffering the injury.

Impact made a huge change this week at the TV tapings when they got rid of the six sided ring and brought the four sided ring back. The new ring apron also got people talking as it featured a Twitch logo which left fans to wonder about a potential partnership.

It’s being reported that there is a deal in place for Impact to create content for the streaming service.