impact wrestling

There was once a time when WWE wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that Impact Wrestling exists, but times have changed.

WWE has licensed footage of AJ Styles and The Hardys for use in WWE programming, and PWInsider is reporting that Impact officials met with WWE officials at WWE headquarters last week.

According to the report, Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore met with high ranking WWE executives last week in CT. Vince McMahon was not present, but members of Triple H’s team were.

The meeting reportedly took place in the middle of last week after Impact officials returned from Manchester, England.

The report notes that the meeting was just a way to get everyone in the same room for a general discussion as opposed to a specific negotiation.

Impact Wrestling officials declined to comment on the report, but a source is claiming that the meeting had nothing to do with the sale of Impact, or the promotion’s tape library, and that neither are for sale.