hall of fame

WrestleMania is still months away, but it would be long before business starts picking up as WWE starts putting all the pieces in place for WrestleMania season.

As we all know, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is one of the biggest events that takes place during WrestleMania week, and it looks like an iconic stable could be getting inducted in 2019.

Reddit user thegumpguy attended Gump City Con in Alabama over the weekend, and according to him Kevin Nash mentioned that the upcoming nWo reunion is being done to gauge interest in a possible Hall of Fame induction.

“Was at my local comic con and Kevin Nash was a special guest for the weekend. No line at his booth, so I had plenty of time to talk to him, even gave him a cigar. He did a q&a panel and discussed the upcoming nWo reunion and how it’s just a bunch of Q &a parties to gauge interest for inducting them into the hall of fame.”

Whether or not the nWo will be inducted next year remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that WWE has been actively promoting the upcoming reunion on their social media channels.