Hulk Hogan recently joined Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca on Busted Open. You can hear Busted Open on SiriusXM 92 and on the SiriusXM app. Here are some highlights:

WrestleMania XXX’s opening segment with The Rock and Steve Austin

“Well it was strong. I was part of the first craziness with Muhammad Ali and Mr. T, but then you fast forward to Wrestlemania 30, with Hulk Hogan coming home to the WWE the place I started it all with Vince. Fast forward 30 years not knowing what to expect and not knowing how much energy was out there and not knowing how much the fans would welcome Hulk Hogan and to have their socks blown off. To top it all off one of Vince McMahon’s old tricks in sending Rock and Austin out there was the crescendo of crescendos, brother. The energy out there was amazing. I just wish looking back at it I wish I sucker punched Stone Cold and got a 3 way death match going so I can beat them both.”

The Undertaker’s Streak ending:

“It was a Wrestlemania moment that ranks right up there with slamming Andre The Giant. I was sitting in catering grabbing a cup of coffee and my son Nick and I were watching this and he asked who was gonna win. I said The Undertaker of course. When Brock beat him it was like 80,000 people sitting in a funeral. It was something I’ll never forget.”

Brock Lesnar and John Cena:

“Well Brock is a phenom. His credibility is over the top, but you got to realize John Cena is the man. He’s the foundation of the whole company. He’s the guy that they bet on and his attitude is he loves the company. He loves being on the road, he’s got wrestling in his blood. And for him to be so graceful when he’s tired and there’s no sleep, no food and these Make-A-Wish kids come to him even for 5 minutes, he’ll spend a whole day with them. His priorities are in order. No matter what whether he wins or loses he’s still the man. To me, I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve done a lot to help this business, but it fails in comparison to what John Cena has done. In my opinion, John Cena is the greatest WWE champion of all time. If Brock Lesnar was to beat him, creative storyline wise yeah you have something there. I hope he knows he’s got huge shoes to fill. I don’t think Cena’s going anywhere. I may go out there and hit Brock with a chair just so he doesn’t win.”

John Cena behind the scenes:

“There’s more to this business than just winning the belt. This is a business. Cena is relentless. He’ll go to meetings, he’ll meet Wal Mart owners, shareholders I mean this guy knows what it takes to generate revenue. He can talk to anybody whether it be 4,000 shareholders, New York Stock Exchange, a group of women with breast cancer, he knows how to handle himself and he understands emotions and that’s why he’s my man.”

Sting wrestling in WWE:

“He made his debut at Comic Con and that’s all well and good. I ran into him at the airport because we’re all on the same flight. I said to him that he needs to wrestle and this is something that needs to be done. He’s never established himself on the big stage. No disrespect to his accomplishments, but he was always a southern type of wrestler and always was with NWA or WCW. He has to make that statement. He’s still got it and he can still do it and he’s still over. If it’s not The Undertaker, he needs to wrestle Cena. That’s the match. You gotta get in there and have to make your mark. It can’t be just a game or an action figure.”