Even though Jeff Hardy stated there is no WWE contract on the table, that doesn’t stop other members of The House Of Hardy from taking in the WWE Superstore. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Reby Hardy, Senor Benjamin, and King Maxel were spotted at the WWE Superstore today.

This could mean nothing more except the fact they were taking a break away from WrestleCon, then again others have different ideas on the matter. We would like to think they were exploring the store and imagining all the Broken Merchandise that could be lining the shelves this time next year.

WrestleMania is a time for plenty of surprises and the four-hour show certainly gives us plenty of time to pop on some unexpected moments while still giving fans all the things they thought they’d see.

Impact Wrestling might be still holding to the fact that they own the Broken Universe, but WWE is pretty creative when it comes to getting around legal problems by using similar names. How do “The Broken Hardyz” sound to you?

As Seth Rollins was strolling through WWE Axxess today he pontificated about what historical figure he’d most like to have a match with. He ended up landing on the fourteenth President Of The United States Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was actually a wrestler and stories say he would stop his speeches mid-way through and challenge his political rivals to scrap with him. Of course, that kind of tactic would be a political nightmare in this day and age but it sure worked for Honest Abe back then.

Seth Rollins said since Abe was tall and lanky so he figures they’d be a good match, and we agree. After all, Abraham Lincoln was a skilled wrestler and a great trash-talker. We’d sure like to see that program.

It’s interesting to note he didn’t pick the only US President that’s actually a WWE Hall Of Famer, Donald J Trump.