john cena

Most wrestlers dream of making it big in WWE, but not everyone gets to make that dream come true. However, those who do make it to the top have a chance to make a lot of money, and it seems that there are many WWE Superstars who are doing quite well for themselves.

Forbes recently put together an article ranking the top 10 highest paid Superstars in WWE, and John Cena managed to claim the top spot with $10 million.

The report notes that Cena’s earnings are up from the previous year as he’s worked almost double the events due to the fact that he was injured in 2016. Cena’s non-wrestling income has also gone up, and it’s estimated that he made more than $2 million from projects outside of WWE.

Brock Lesnar landed at number 2 on the list with $6.5 million, and Roman Reigns rounds out the top 3 with $4.3 million. It’s also being reported that Reigns moves more merchandise than anyone else in the company besides John Cena.

You can see what the top 10 looks like below.

1. John Cena ($10 million)
2. Brock Lesnar ($6.5 million)
3. Roman Reigns ($4.3 million)
4. AJ Stlyes ($3.5 million)
5. Triple H ($3.2 million)
6. Randy Orton ($2.9 million)
7. Seth Rollins ($2.7 million)
8. The Undertaker ($2.5 million)
9. Dean Ambrose ($2.2 million)
10. Kevin Owens ($2 million)