broken matt hardy

Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 just a few weeks ago, and they won the Raw Tag Team Titles in their first match back with the company.

When The Hardys were with Impact Wrestling they became known for their Broken Hardys gimmick, but due to a legal battle with the company they have yet to bring the gimmick to WWE.

The brothers recently joined Corey Graves for a candid interview on the WWE Network, and no topic was off limits. Graves kicked off the interview by talking about their WWE return, and the brothers said that the time was right for them to come home, and Matt talked about how they kept everyone guessing up until the last second.

The brothers said they’re happy working as a tag team at the moment, but there will come a day when they go their separate ways. Matt said he thinks they’ll both change and evolve when they move into singles competition, and Jeff added that he still wants to wrestle inside Hell in a Cell.

Jeff Hardy named Roman Reigns as someone he’d like to feud with, and Matt named Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt as potential opponents.

Matt said that it was odd going back to regular Matt Hardy when they returned to WWE, but his character is still inside him, and when the time is right he will unleash it again.

Graves asked about the status of the Broken Hardys which he referred to as their “shattered” or “broken” personas, and Matt said it’s a work in progress, and he can’t say much right now due to legal reasons.

Matt said that he hopes fans continue to do the “delete” chants at live events. He also sounded confident that the gimmick will come to life on WWE programming.

“When it happens, and I’m not going to say if, when it happens,” Matt said via PWInsider. “It’s going to be the most exciting thing to hit WWE programming in a long, long time. We’ve got to keep people guessing.”

The brothers also touch on several other topics in the full interview which is titled “Reborn For Fate” available on the WWE Network now.