It’s a new era in WWE and the company is looking to add some new revenue streams. Last week on Friday Night SmackDown current United States Champion Logan Paul announced that Prime and WWE have reached a sponsorship agreement to advertise Prime on the ring mat during WWE premium live events moving forward beginning with WrestleMania 40.

To no one’s surprise there are many people within the wrestling community who are not thrilled about the deal. Several fans have also photoshopped the Prime logo onto the mat in pictures of historic WWE moments.

Recently Mick Foley reposted one of the photoshopped pictures which shows fans what it would have looked like if the Prime logo was on the ring mat during his iconic match with The Undertaker at King of The Ring in 1998.

Foley seemingly indicated that he’s not board with the idea of WWE adding sponsorships to the ring mat when he added the following caption:

“Please Don’t @WWE”

With WWE now opening the door for sponsorships to be featured on the ring mat it seems unlikely that the company will be looking to close that door anytime soon. One way or another it will be interesting to see where things go from here.