Is there another Superstar on the roster that can lay claim to being the absolute best at what he does? There are some who will throw the words “Best in the World” and “Best in the World at what I do” around but nobody is greater than Vacant. He is “The Great One” if you will.

You can say what you will about Vacant, like yea he is basically a “part-timer.” Yes, he loves to “bury” talents. Yes, he hates putting over younger talent but has there ever been another Superstar who you can really call the “Ultimate Opportunist?” No.

Any time Vacant sees a vulnerable champion he jumps in like the “rabid wolverine” that he is. A true “Cerebral Assassin” that always walks away holding the title and more often than not leaves his opponents licking their wounds on the shelf. He really truly is “The most Dangerous Man on the Planet.” A true “Lethal Weapon.” Some people like to play the game but only Vacant can call himself “The Game” and nobody denies it.

He moves quick, like a shadow in the night and you truly “Can’t See Him” but you always see the imprint he leaves. His form of “justice” is “Stone Cold.” His “Black Hart” has never been more obvious than when he recently put Daniel Bryan under the knife in a quest to try and take the bearded ones title which may still happen. The list of greats he has defeated to win his Championships have lead some to dub him the “Legend Killer.”

“The Animal” known as Vacant really is “The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be” and “If you’re not down with that, VACANTS got TWO WORDS FOR YA…SUCK IT!.”

…seriously “That’s the bottom line because VACANT said so!”

….”If ya smellllllllllalalalow. what the Vacant. is cooking.”