On Monday night Bayley defeated Charlotte to become the new Raw Women’s Champion, but her victory might have been overshadowed by another huge moment from this week’s broadcast. The Kevin and Chris Show is no more. They were arguably the best thing going on Raw for the better part of a year, and fans were shocked when their alliance ended during their highly promoted “Festival of Friendship.”

But, then again what better time is there to beat the heck out of your best friend other than during a festival to celebrate your friendship?

The spark that ignited the fire in this explosive separation came when Chris Jericho accepted Goldberg’s challenge at Fastlane for Kevin’s Universal Title on KO’s behalf. Although Goldberg might be partly responsible for the demise of the best, best, best friendship Raw has ever seen, he wasn’t remorseful in the slightest.

During the Festival of Friendship segment Goldberg simply tweeted: “Morons.”

Kevin Owens had the following reply to Goldberg’s simple statement:

Bill Goldberg didn’t let that response stop him from coming back at KO by warning him that he’s just making it worse for himself come Fastlane.

Kevin replied in a manner that only he could by reminding Bill that he’s been making enemies for nearly 20 years now and he’s still not backing down from the face of WCW in March.

Bill let that sit overnight until he finally came back with a response earlier this morning. It looks like fans should be ready for some fireworks at Fastlane. Then again, the match will probably be over before those fireworks extinguish because that’s how Goldberg rolls, after all.

On another somewhat related note, Kevin Owens tweeted the following video last night and tagged Braun Strowman in it. So, that’s cute… and mildly disturbing.

Could there be a hidden message in a bunny eating raspberries? Sound off in the comments below because I’m sure you guys have plenty of conspiracy theories about this one!

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