It’s been a few years since fans have seen Hulk Hogan appear on WWE programming, as he was quickly dropped after leaked audio featuring Hogan using racial slurs surfaced online.

Whether or not Hulk Hogan will ever return to WWE remains to be seen, but during a recent appearance on the In This Corner podcast, former Universal Champion Bill Goldberg says that he believes everyone deserves a second chance.

“Oh, that’s not for me to judge,” Goldberg said. “I think everybody deserves a second chance. I think you put [Hogan] in the locker room and give him the floor and let him speak his mind. That’s what he deserves. Who knows what happens from there but it’s not for me to say by any means. I can just give you my opinion and say that he deserves the floor and who knows where it goes from there.”

During the Monday Night Wars, Steve Austin and Goldberg were two of the biggest stars in the business, and during his Hall of Fame speech, Goldberg thanked Austin. However, the WWE Hall of Famer made it a point to say that he never coped anything from Steve Austin.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I never copied a damn thing from Steve Austin,” Goldberg said. “But I did see how a character can be so grandiose, so all-encompassing and so successful that I took cues from his rise to better help me in my preparation for my hopeful rise. In the speech, I gave credit to a number of people who landed one thing or another to the formation of Goldberg as a character. Whether it was just the look from the Road Warriors or sticking the tongue out from Hawk, there were a lot of people that had a lot to do with my success. But it doesn’t mean that I copied them in any way, shape or form.”

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