Goldberg is one of the most recognizable names in the professional wrestling business and he rose to fame during the Monday Night Wars when he went undefeated for 173 matches. In 2017, Asuka created a new record when she went undefeated for 174 matches.

During a recent appearance on Nothing Left Unsaid, Goldberg talked a little bit about Asuka breaking the streak and he also shared his thoughts on why WWE made that decision.

“Well, a girl beat my winning streak… beat my undefeated streak. Yeah, I can’t even remember. Asuka is her name; some Japanese girl. They touted her as being the one to have the longest winning streak, and it just so happened that it culminated when I got there, right? And then, it just so happened that every single wrestler uses the spear in their moves, right? Pretty ironic that happened when I got there, right? That’s how they do.”

“The fact that I didn’t get along with Paul Levesque (Triple H) which is Vince’s son in law, I think had everything to do with it when I got there.”

The former WWE Universal Champion went on to explain his tense relationship with Triple H while stating that he believes the animosity between the two of them was real.

“I think a lot of that between Hunter and myself was real. We had an interaction when I was at WCW leading the charge in New York at a press event. I had heard he — you knew all the behind-the-scenes, right? So the Kliq and Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall, they were his buddies til the end.

“So I hurt myself, and I know some people that were friends that worked with me, talking to him when he was working at WWE, and he made a comment about how I was at home and I remember it like it was yesterday. From that second, he said I was tanking it or faking it or something. And said I wasn’t there for the demise of WCW, or how could I?

“From then on, I wanted to eat that guy’s — I wanted to rip his face off. So, we had a confrontation prior to the signing at the WWE. And then ironically, we were represented by the same agent. So it made the situation quite uncomfortable once I signed with the WWE, let’s just say that.”