Speculation has been running wild about Goldberg and just how WWE will use him after he most likely destroys Kevin Owens at Fastlane next month. Honestly, we’re excited that Owens is getting this match against Bill, it’s just unfortunate that it probably won’t be a long encounter.

Goldberg has the same problem now as he did nearly two decades ago, he can’t work longer matches, or else his weaknesses might be exposed. This issue is only amplified now due to Goldberg’s age and his alleged frailness.

Bill ran through Brock Lesnar like he was a Velociraptor going through flypaper at Survivor Series, he was utterly protected in the Royal Rumble, and if he’s set to have a match that lasts any considerable amount of time, it will likely be in Orlando at WrestleMania 33. Therefore we here at Still Real To Us aren’t expecting much from the Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg match at Fastlane for the Universal Title, but we’d love to be surprised. However, one thing fans can expect is to see more of Goldberg on Monday Night Raw

PWInsider reports that Goldberg has signed a deal to do more appearances on Monday Night Raw. The former WCW Champion is now being advertised for the February 27th and March 6th Raw shows. It is interesting to note that these shows are the go-home and post-Fastlane shows. Therefore, Bill’s victory celebration is likely to take place on March 6th at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Brock Lesnar is also being advertised for both shows, so if Goldberg does win the Universal Title at Fastlane, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Lesnar try to ruin his celebration on Raw the next night.