global force wrestling

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling is teaming up with A. Smith & Co. Productions to bring a new format of wrestling to TV. The yet to be titled show will feature wrestlers from the GFW roster in a series with the same production style of shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Spartan Race.” According to the press release, the format “obliterates the conventions of televised wrestling”

Unfortunately the press release didn’t mention when the show will premiere or what network it will air on. The CEO of A. Smith & Co. Productions commented on the partnership saying that it will change the entertainment level of the sport.

“Global Force Wrestling is a complete reinvention of the sport that will really resonate with viewers – we’re taking what fans are traditionally used to seeing and flipping it on its head. All sports go through transitions, and wrestling is primed for its next evolution. We’re going to be adding a number of new features and elements that are going to completely change the entertainment level of the sport,”  said Arthur Smith.

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke to The Rack and mentioned that a “game changer” was coming in regards to a TV deal for Global Force Wrestling and it looks like this is it. In a world where WWE dominates the landscape, unique formats for wrestling shows are always welcome. Different is doing wonders for Lucha Underground as it’s constantly being praised for doing its own thing as opposed to trying to fit in. With that being said, it should be interesting to see exactly how they plan on presenting the show and if it lives up to the hype.

You can get more details via the full press release here.