Earlier this week Sports Illustrated reported that Global Force Wrestling is “hemorrhaging” money, and that Anthem Sports is looking to sell the company. It’s been a strange week for GFW, that’s for sure, as it was also announced that Jeff Jarrett is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company. Now GFW official Kevin Sullivan has taken to Twitter to deny that Anthem is looking to sell.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that multiple sources have also denied the story, but it was also noted that a story regarding a possible sale would always be denied by company officials for morale reasons.

One person within the company who denied the story said, “Anthem wouldn’t be spending a considerable amount of money to launch the new multi-company app we just announced last week on TV if the plan was to shut down and sell the tape library. It was the long-term goal from the start. All the cross-promotional matches we are doing is being done to lay the groundwork for content that will be offered on the OTT, AAA, Crash, NOAH and Impact libraries. Costs have been brought way under control and they are pretty far into plans to move everything to Toronto. Huge tax savings and government assistance.”